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What Readers Are Saying:

“As a fan of classic pulp science fiction, this book is my idea of a perfect way to spend an evening. Thompson’s style balances the adventure aspects with the cerebral and gets the mix just right.
“When a crew of astronauts discover a metallic box of mystery discs on Mars, it leads them to decode their messages and uncover an epic story of life on the faraway but Earthlike planet Plixon. Plixon is very much a dystopian civilization, where everything – even the food one eats or how long one lives before being “deleted” – is controlled by a supercomputer called the Godmachine. Thompson delineates the characters and the action with cinematic clarity, and keeps the reader turning pages. Unlike many modern authors of dystopian fiction who clearly take glee in the misery they heap upon their characters, Thompson writes about a grim future with a ray of hope and a cautionary message for mankind.”

“This book was so enjoyable that I would watch it as a movie!”

“I couldn’t put it down! I haven’t read a sci-fi for years. Glad I bought this one. It is also a good commentary on the state of our world, strong parallels.”

“The author does a pretty good job of getting you into the heads of his characters, and an even better job of bridging the gap between science fiction and today with believable scenarios and created future technologies. While part of the present, and wrapped behind the veil of science fiction, I could see the influence of Orwell’s 1984 while reading this one.”

“I highly recommend this book for fans of Science Fiction and Space Travel, or for anyone who’s just looking for a quality book that’s fun to read.”

“Godmachine is a thoroughly entertaining story about a dystopian society similar to 1984, though not as dark. Mr. Thompson writes in a way that allows for a wonderful ease of reading, while his captivating dialogue propels the tale along nicely.”

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