Diamonds Never Die (Raja Williams Mystery Novel)

The new Raja Williams Mystery novel, Diamonds Never Die, has just been released.
After an innocent Jewish woman is brutally stabbed in Central Park, Raja and Vinny head to New York to find out why. The case takes Raja undercover into the Harlem drug scene, and puts Vinny into a Russian strip club in Brighton Beach. Stirring the pot as only Raja and Vinny can do lands them both in danger and into the crosshairs of an international assassin known only as the Spider.

The special $.99 release price will be available for the next week.
(Free for Prime Members and Kindle Unlimited Subscribers)

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diamonds final scaled

 This book can be read as a standalone novel or as part of the series.

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Get The Color of Greed FREE

The Color of Greed is FREE


Book of the Month

What do a private detective, a hacker and an assassin have in common?

The desire to help when justice needs a hand.

The Color of Greed introduces Raja Williams and his partner Vinny Moore. Neither the dark, tragic anti-hero nor the James Bond super-hero type, Raja Williams is a wealthy Oxford-educated PI of mixed Caribbean descent who possesses a strong empathic power and a sixth sense for evil that gives him headaches and steers him straight into trouble. His partner Vinny Moore is a gorgeous hipster geek who prefers hacking computers to haute couture.

When the young husband of a wealthy heiress is found dead on his yacht floating off the California coastline, his death is ruled an accident and the case is closed. The grieving widow, certain her husband was murdered but getting no help from the police, turns to Raja Williams who has dedicated his resources to help those in need of justice. When Raja arrives in Los Angeles and more bodies begin to pile up, he suspects a cover-up that may go up as high as the governor. With the help of Vinny, Raja must unravel the case before everyone involved, including the two of them, winds up dead.

A colorful cast of characters, great dialogue and a suspenseful, twisting plot make The Color of Greed an entertaining read.

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$12.99 (paperback)


A Classic Thriller

A few weeks ago I caught an old episode of the Rockford Files and it took me back to the golden era of detective shows on TV: Ironsides, Columbo, Kojak. They don’t make ’em like that any more … or do they? … Jack Thompson doesn’t stray far from the beaten track of the classic detective thriller: a rich heiress wants the death of her husband investigated but the police are denying that there was any evidence of foul play. Raja Williams takes the case – no payment required as he already has his own private jet and money to burn. In running I get to read – or at least start – a number of books that follow this proven formula, but The Color Of Greed is well-written, has a good plot and the dialogue works. And yes, we would all like to be Raja Williams with a private jet and the ladies falling at our feet. Jack Thompson gives his readers what they want: a good plot with a central character painted in bold colours. Who loves ya, baby?! -Mike Smith,

The Ultimate Detective Story

This is the first detective story I’ve read by Jack Thompson. It reminds me of the old time radio shows where the private detective comes to the aid of a woman . . . ‘catnip’ for the readers who love detective stories. Detective Williams and Author Jack Thompson have achieved success.

5 stars!

Aspiring writers take notes. A beginning, middle and a clearly spelled out closure. Lots of curves, twists, extremely interesting characters. Clearly a classic thriller. Topics delt with are so timely, touches on a type of fraud that is rampant in our society right now. A whodunnit to curl up and read straight through the night. Page turner? 100% yes. I’ll be reading lots more about Raja and Vinny hopefully sooner than later.

Wow! is all I can say

“Wow” is all I can say. The name of this book fits perfectly – it was a story about greed – greed – greed. I loved the characters. They came alive for me, most especially Raja and Vinny. Their struggles touched me. The story flowed easily – like water – and was so riveting that I was unable to put it down. I read to escape, and this book was packed full of everything you would expect a mystery to be and then some more. A great read and look forward to reading more.

This book was exciting, fun and mysterious

I really enjoyed reading this novel. The storyline is a combination of styles. A little James Bond, a strong helping of Dirk Pitt and a beautiful, female version of Tim McGee as a best friend/assistant. I look forward to reading more of the Raja Williams novels.

A wonderful and thrilling PI novel

This book is a thrill ride you can’t put down for anything and screams to be read every time you put it down. This book ranks right up there with Sam Spade novels!!!

Must read detective murder mystery!

The Color of Greed is about as good as it gets in a constantly moving, ever more complicated murder mystery. You will keep guessing, just as the detective Raja and his side-kick do, as they pursue the best of the worst. This is a great read and I highly recommend it.

A Good, Fun, “Kick Your Feet Up Read”

Jack Thompson’s “The Color of Greed” is a very good book. Moreover, it is just a fun book to read. “Greed” is like one of those old gumshoe novels fastforwarded to the present. Let’s just drop all of those silly inhibitions, guidelines and other useless obstacles and kick our feet up and enjoy a fine weekend getaway read….I know that I will be reading the next Raja Williams book when it hits the shelf.

Download The Color of Greed FREE on Noisetrade


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FREE Science Fiction Novel

is FREE on Amazon through April 11


Download Now

What Readers Are Saying:

“As a fan of classic pulp science fiction, this book is my idea of a perfect way to spend an evening. Thompson’s style balances the adventure aspects with the cerebral and gets the mix just right.
“When a crew of astronauts discover a metallic box of mystery discs on Mars, it leads them to decode their messages and uncover an epic story of life on the faraway but Earthlike planet Plixon. Plixon is very much a dystopian civilization, where everything – even the food one eats or how long one lives before being “deleted” – is controlled by a supercomputer called the Godmachine. Thompson delineates the characters and the action with cinematic clarity, and keeps the reader turning pages. Unlike many modern authors of dystopian fiction who clearly take glee in the misery they heap upon their characters, Thompson writes about a grim future with a ray of hope and a cautionary message for mankind.”

“This book was so enjoyable that I would watch it as a movie!”

“I couldn’t put it down! I haven’t read a sci-fi for years. Glad I bought this one. It is also a good commentary on the state of our world, strong parallels.”

“The author does a pretty good job of getting you into the heads of his characters, and an even better job of bridging the gap between science fiction and today with believable scenarios and created future technologies. While part of the present, and wrapped behind the veil of science fiction, I could see the influence of Orwell’s 1984 while reading this one.”

“I highly recommend this book for fans of Science Fiction and Space Travel, or for anyone who’s just looking for a quality book that’s fun to read.”

“Godmachine is a thoroughly entertaining story about a dystopian society similar to 1984, though not as dark. Mr. Thompson writes in a way that allows for a wonderful ease of reading, while his captivating dialogue propels the tale along nicely.”

Download Godmachine Now
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Trust Me – The New, Improved NSA

Written by Vinny Moore for Raja Williams’ Blog

I don’t know who the NSA thinks it’s fooling by claiming that because it has no interest in the personal info, phone calls, emails, browsing or any other activities of U.S. citizens, it poses no threat to the privacy or constitutional rights of those citizens. The fact that it is one of the most secretive agencies in the government, by definition makes it one of the least monitored and least controllable agencies. That is a disaster waiting for a head on collision at a blinking railroad crossing. Edward Snowden, anyone? Anyone?

As one of the top hackers in the world, I can tell you that “secure computer system” is a VERY relative term that is rapidly becoming an oxymoron. I have hacked more secure systems than I can count, and I’m good at math. True dat.

But the concerns about outside hackers or leakers is a big red herring. The much more dangerous problem is internal abuse. Only sane men make sane decisions. Working for the government doesn’t carry with it any guarantee of sanity. There are some who might say you have to be a little nuts to work there. There are far too many examples of prominent people in government committing insane acts. Think Watergate and Monica Lewinsky.

So, exsqueeze me if I laugh out loud when the head of the NSA says what amounts to, “Trust me, there is no problem.” I wouldn’t buy a used car from that guy. Bam Shizzaam.

Vinny Moore is one of the main characters in Jack Thompson’s popular Raja Williams mystery series. Available in digital and paperback formats.

Follow the Raja Williams Blog here.

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9/11 Remembered – Yankee Destiny


Yankees in 2001 World Series

On 9/11/2001 the crash and collapse of the Twin Towers hit me like a Mohammed Ali body blow.  Like many Americans I was shell-shocked. Then I heard that the World Series would, in fact, be played despite the disaster. Desperately needing a distraction, I dragged myself in front of the TV set to watch. Slowly, game by game, I regained the certainty that our great country would survive. And so I wrote….   

Yankee Destiny

It had been a long hot summer, many races had been close.
Several teams were in the hunt, I wondered who would give their most.
As the Oakland A’s got hot, I started thinking they would win,
but you can’t rule out the Yanks, they always manage to get in.

They fought hard throughout the playoffs, and twice nearly went down.
Both Seattle and the Oakland A’s wanted to wear the crown.
It took courage and fast fortitude, a dash of home field magic,
in the end the Yankees waxed alone; Seattle’s wane was tragic.

Rising next, up from the National, coiled a nasty snake,
a team from western desert, just a new-born for Pete’s sake.
But this deadly Diamond rattler had a pair of fearsome fangs,
and they lusted for some Justice and all the New York gang.

When the pundits had all sworn that Arizona now would rule,
they said, “Pitching is the Series king, so don’t you be a fool.
Anyone who bets the Yankees, should reap some ridicule,
so put your money on the Diamondbacks in every office pool.”

Armed with Randy, the Big Unit, and Curt Schilling pitching long,
all the arguments for victory seemed statistically strong.
They had pitched like fiends on fire, either worthy being ace.
They could shut down any hitter, throwing heat right in his face.

Still, the Yankees had their pride and they had won this thing before,
and their legendary stadium wore championships galore.
Other teams had come into their house and tried to win the war,
yet, for three straight years, the Yankees won — now they wanted four.

When the Series had begun, Arizona had first court.
Yankee killer, ace Curt Schilling took the ball and held the fort.
Game 2 was even worse, with Randy Johnson on the mound,
blanking Yankees for nine innings, batter up and batter down.

So the diehard Yankee fans had plenty cause to feel self pity,
when the Series finally made its way to wounded New York City.
Did that Yankee magic dissipate when terrorism struck?
Did the toppling of two towers mean the Yanks were out of luck?

First a patriotic song was sung, our fractured flag still flew,
New York breasts were swelled with pride, wishing what their Yanks could do.
Throughout, the game was close, and it stayed that way all night.
Thank God, and Yankee pitching, for a one-run win tonight.

In the fourth game came Curt Schilling, he was certain for Cy Young.
If the D’backs got a W, all Yankee hope was hung.
For seven innings Curt was dominant, he mowed down all their best.
He reluctantly relinquished to the closer for the rest.

B-H Kim closed out the eighth, killing Yankees one, two, three.
In the ninth, one Yankee reached, but Arizona still felt glee.
It was bottom nine, two batters out, when Tino grabbed some ash,
just one pitch and then, unthinkable, he tied it with a smash.

In the tenth came Mariano, Yankee closer, with his best,
Three up, three down, said Mighty Mo, and sent them all to rest.
When the clock struck 12:01, and baseball welcomed in November,
Derrick Jeter went the yard and made it one we’d all remember.

Now the teams stood 2 to 2, tied together in their quest,
and the Yankee hopeful dared to dream of rising to the test.
New York had Mike Mussina, Arizona just a kid,
but either one could close the coffin, and hammer down the lid.

Both did battle for the banner, both had plenty of good stuff,
but when the eighth came to a close, the Yanks had not enough.
Arizona looked unbeatable and lead them 2 to zip.
Surely, Kim can hold a two-run lead, I heard the pundits quip.

Only three more men to punch out, he was master of his fate.
One got on, but two went quietly; one last stood at the plate.
Digging in was Scotty Brosius, to take one final chance,
then he crushed one past the outfield wall where fans began to dance.

All those fans who had been breathless, let loose a deafening cheer,
he had tied the game at 2 and once more saved the Yankees’ year.
Praying hard to Yankee Destiny, Skipper Joe knew what to do,
from the bullpen Mariano marched; the crowd felt deja-vu.

Through the tenth, and then eleventh, all the batters’ bats stood still,
until the bottom of the twelfth, when Knoblauch thawed the chill.
Then the rookie second baseman nailed a slider into right,
and Knobby raced around to home — the Yanks had won the night!

In the sixth game Randy Johnson dueled with Yankee Andy Pettitte,
both determined for the prize but knowing only one could get it.
But the Diamondbats exploded, raining hits like desert hail,
12 to nothing, after three, the score, with Yankee pitchers pale.

There was nothing Yankee fans could do, short of look to heaven,
with the Series knotted 3 to 3, it had to go to seven.
And with Schilling for the final, Arizona was home free,
but, take care to bet the house against that Yankee Destiny.

Now the Yankee boss, Joe Torre, sent his warhorse to the mound,
22-game winner Clemens, hoping his sore leg was sound.
Both the pitchers brought their A game, neither team could get much done.
When it started raining after six, the score stood tied at 1.

In the seventh inning Schilling still looked like he had his heat,
’til that pesky Soriano golfed one into the right field seats.
Through the eighth, and half the ninth, the Yankees held that one run lead,
and it looked like Yankee Destiny was all that they would need.

But the Arizona Diamondbacks had yet another plan,
first they tied it with a hit, then all the bases had a man.
And when Luis Gonzales drove in one more final run,
the New York reign was over — the Diamondbacks had won.

Yet, while New York hearts beat heavy, they most certainly beat loud,
for the boys from the Big Apple had done the Nation proud.
With a nation steeped in worry, they proved entertaining pause,
so perhaps that Yankee Destiny just serves a higher Cause.

While I must admit I mourn the end, the irony’s apropos,
it took Diamondback twin towers to take victory in the show.

Copyright 2001 Jack Thompson


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It’s time for a Frank Capra

Here in 2012 we have reached a tipping point. Drastic times require drastic measures. So the saying goes. If it isn’t the omnipresent threat of terrorism, it’s the omnipresent threat of global warming.

There is the religious faction dedicated to bringing Armageddon down upon us. (What’s the matter, can’t you read the signs?) The great scientific minds see an ironically similar version of Armageddon on the horizon, called singularity, where we all burn in a glowing blur of rapid technological advancement racing out of control. How many versions of Windows can there be?

Or, worse than any of those, we suffer from the omnipresence of Democrats.(and Republicans—don’t read anything political into that) It’s either too much government or not enough government, but always the other guy’s fault. Hasn’t that tune gotten old? There just might be a reason that the US Congress has an approval rating that falls on the scale somewhere between Hitler and Satan.

It’s time for a Frank Capra.

There comes a time in every great nation when the tipping point is reached. Where we either go sailing down into the abyss with one last insane whee, or we dig down through the bad news and blame and dust off some of the truth that makes life worth fighting for. There is a reason we all watch It’s a Wonderful Life every year. (or should) There is a reason we cheer for the good guys, the decent guys to win. Deep down every one of us knows that we are good guys.

There will be those who claim a happy ending is trite, that good guys finish last, that you have to fight fire with fire and the punishment must fit the crime. But aren’t those really the rants of those already on the toboggan ride down?

My appeal is to the many who are kind of heart, the forgiving and helpful many who sincerely wish themselves and others to survive and thrive. I know you are out there.

It’s time for a Frank Capra.

We need someone to remind us not of the depraved or despicable few, but of the determined and decent many who provide the backbone of any great civilization. Someone who will lift our spirits above the fray, not grind them into the earth.

It’s time for a Frank Capra.

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Manned Mission to Mars



Shara glanced nervously over her shoulder and ducked into a used clothing shop on the main boulevard. There were very few of those left since the Godmachine had limited all citizen apparel to three specific outfits. Shara always felt somehow comforted seeing all the old blouses and dresses with their rainbow of colors, and feeling their unique textures, even though they were only sold as historic collectibles and were illegal to wear in public.

Today she didn’t notice the clothes at all. Today she felt annoyed and confined by the low ceiling of the shop, and smelled an unpleasant, musty odor she had never realized was there. Today was different. It was to be her last.

She stared out through the big front picture window as Transbus 7 glided silently past the corner where she was supposed to die. She looked at her timeband. “There, it’s done,” she thought, feeling an unexpectedly exhilarating sense of freedom. She cherished the feeling, if only for a brief moment, wishing it could last forever. She knew she could not hope to evade the PETs for long. The Godmachine collected a continuous stream of data from the Data Analysis Fusion Towers that covered Plixon. Her violation of her Daily Duties would be downloaded to local PETs within minutes. In what seemed to Shara like only seconds, she noticed two uniformed men approaching the store from across the boulevard. Each wore the familiar black leather jumpsuit and black visored helmet with a yellow triangle containing a single open eye on the front.

Feeling an uncommon surge of courage and defiance, Shara stepped deliberately through the door of the store and toward the approaching PETs. When the first officer pulled out a small weapon Shara instinctively stopped walking. It wouldn’t have made any difference if she had tried to run. When he fired a short blast of green light on her, she felt like her feet were frozen to the sidewalk.

The second uniformed man said, “Shara Macor, you stand accused of a capital violation of your Daily Duties for this, the fifth day of Tarill.” Shara could only listen. “Specifically, Duty #4—self-deletion by walking in front of Transbus 7 at precisely 4.25 this morning. This Duty shall be carried out now by PET officer 43325 at 4.29 on the fifth day of Tarill, year 5442 AF.”

With no further comment he trained a cylindrical device at Shara and pressed a small button on its side. A soft hum preceded a wave of transparent energy that enveloped Shara. The energy came alive, turned a translucent blue and swirled quickly about her for several seconds before becoming opaque and shrinking slowly inward on itself, getting smaller and smaller until it finally disappeared. Shara was gone.

Review from Twisted SciFi:

The planet Mars is one of the most pervasive images in Science Fiction.
Why is Mars still prevalent in Science Fiction today? I suspect it’s because it’s the most accessible and most likely place for Earthlings to inhabit besides the moon. Recent projects like Mars One and the landing of NASA’s most sophisticated Martian rover only serve to reinforce this.
In Jack Thompson’s Godmachine, not only are you treated to a Martian adventure, but you actually get two stories in one. Click here to read complete review

Reviews from Amazon:

Heart-pounding action! Great read for fans of Science Fiction
If you’ve been following the story of the recent landing of NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover, or if you’re a fan of NASA’s Apollo missions, they you’ll almost certainly enjoy reading Godmachine.
As a bonus for all readers, along with the tale of the astronauts’ journey to Mars, Thompson cleverly weaves in the tale of the Godmachine. Both stories are heart-pounding and action packed.
These stories are skillfully crafted in such a way that Thompson is able to make us take an introspective look at our own human strengths and weaknesses.
I highly recommend this book for fans of Science Fiction and Space Travel, or for anyone who’s just looking for a quality book that’s fun to read.

Great Nail Biter
This was a great “computer takes over the world” story that I really enjoyed.  Although I was tempted to skip ahead to discover how things turned out, I’m glad I didn’t because I would have missed the ride. Congratulations for a great book.

Available for $4.99 at:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Copyright © 2011 Jack Thompson

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